It’s a point of pride for Little Green Dog that they have nothing to hide with their 100% home compostable poop bags. Most dog bags contain polyethylene, but their alternative is made from PLA, PBAT, cornstarch, and glycerin. That’s it: a fully biodegradable, 100%-home compostable material, so you can clean up after your pup without sh*tting on the environment!


Availble in four different options:

  • 60 pack: Designed for the once-a-day pooper. This pack will provide you with up to two months of environmentally friendly peace of mind.


  • 120 pack: For the pooch who just loves to poop. Get some serious bang for your buck. Lots of poop, zero waste!


  • Single Roll: Contains 12 bags and great if you want to give them a trial!


  • Bulk pack: Contains 300 bags! This pack is perfect if you own multiple dogs or just have one serious pooper!! You will never run out again.

Little Green Dog Poop Bags